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You + AK = Product. Handling operation throughout the entire project life-cycle from blueprinting to delivering ready-to-market digital solutions.

AK Full Auto offers product visions and venture advisory for startups, digital transformation analysis for established firms, experience design for B2B and B2C apps, and robust development of web and mobile software.
01 Solution foundation Describes the product's business model and high-level functional requirements Every business venture requires a plan — digital products are no exception. We're offering the very first step towards setting your idea in stone: you and us are to brainstorm what your business needs, envisioning the system with a set of features that is just up for the task. In other words, we're taking our technical expertise and business acumen and making it yours.
Design concept User journey Interactive prototype UX Sculpting We don't work with run-of-the-mill templates, but rather seek insights into your customers behaviour, drafting the map of their journey and creating custom-tailored designs. Putting them together into a clickable prototype, we illustrate the specific user experience touchpoints to steer the perception of your product. In the end, you're getting something tangible show for your product.
04 Development Roadmap & Implementation Milestone planning, proof of concept, development With a clear picture of the end-product expectation, we form an action plan divided into milestones to ensure the project has a future. We provide a reasonable and transparent strategy that allows you to be in the driver's seat throughout all the development stages.

Going one step further in making the product tangible, we are proceeding with developing a rapid proof of concept to showcase the critical functionality. Once the project's future is set in stone, you are free to take it any direction you so desire.